As a wedding photographer, I understand the importance of keeping your wedding true to your vision and personalities. It’s essential to create a day that reflects who you are as a couple and celebrates your unique love story. Here are some tips on how to make your wedding custom to you and take other people’s opinions lightly:

Embrace Your Unique Story

1. Reflect on Your Journey

Take time to reflect on your journey as a couple. What are the key moments and experiences that define your relationship? Incorporating these elements into your wedding will add a personal touch that is meaningful to both of you.

2. Personalized Vows and Readings

Consider writing personalized vows or choosing readings that hold special meaning to you. This can add a deeply personal and authentic element to your ceremony.

3. Showcase Your Interests

Infuse elements of your hobbies, interests, or cultural backgrounds into the wedding. This could be through decor, music, or food choices, allowing your personalities to shine through.

Making It Custom to You

1. Unique Venue Selection

Choose a venue that resonates with both of you. It could be a place that holds sentimental value or aligns with your shared passions.

2. Customized Details

Add personalized touches such as custom signage, monograms, or themed decorations that reflect your personality and style.

3. Signature Cocktails and Cuisine

Work with your caterer to create signature cocktails or a menu that reflects your favorite flavors and culinary experiences.

Navigating Other’s Opinions

1. Open Communication

While it’s important to consider the input of close friends and family, maintain open communication about your vision for the day. Share your reasons for certain choices to help others understand your perspective.

2. Set Boundaries

Politely establish boundaries and communicate that while you value their input, certain decisions are important to you as a couple.

3. Stay True to Yourselves

Ultimately, remember that it’s your day. Take other people’s opinions lightly and make decisions that resonate with your vision and personalities. Trust your instincts and stay true to what feels right for both of you.

By embracing your unique story, infusing personal touches, and respectfully navigating the input of others, you can create a wedding that authentically represents who you are as a couple, making it a day to cherish for a lifetime.


April 8, 2024

Keeping Your Wedding True to You

Kiella Lawrence


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