Hey friend, I'm Kiella (Key-La)! If you followed me around for a day, you would probably see me in jeans and a T-Shirt, sipping black coffee, rocking some new music jams while running my kids around or working in my home office. Ever since I was little I've had a creative heart. Using my creativity to capture life's beautiful moments is the most fulfilling aspect of my job as a full-time wedding photographer. And I couldn't be more THRILLED that you are here!

Weddings hold a special place in my heart, simply because of my own wedding. With each and every wedding I photograph I'm reminded of how special marriage is and how much I cherish mine. I'm go go go during your wedding day not missing a beat and bringing out my mom voice out when needed. But, at the end of your wedding night, you can probably find me on the dance floor capturing drunk memories of all your friends living their best life.

When I'm not shooting, you can find me nerding out on a new business or personal growth book, running my wild boys around, planning my next trip, or binging the newest Netflix series. 

I love what I do. And I love being there for my couples. Choosing a wedding photographer is no easy task and I want you to know that's something that I don't overlook. I hope to serve you with an open and honest heart. I'm here for you friend, come as you are, and I hope we get to connect!

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The first time I picked up a camera, I knew it was something I was meant to do. I love artistically capturing sweet, candid moments. 

Your not just a client and I make sure you know that by treating you like my closest friends and family. Ensuring you feel comfortable in front of my camera and serving you with help in any way that I can. Whether thats helping you find your vendor team, engagement location, set up a timeline, you name it. I'm here to help! 

"There are few things that INSPIRE and EXCITE me more than photography!"

I'm inspired by YOU. With each and every shoot I'm reminded how important human connection is. How unique each and every couple is - what a joy to tell that story through photographs.

Things that I draw inspiration from:

If we have the same vibe, I would be so exited to chat with you about how I can preserve your memories for generations to come!

“Every wedding, every shoot, I see the world through a whole new lens. Your story will be different from the last, and this ignites my passion all over again.”

modern, Elegant, & boho styles
Traveling + Nature
florals + greenery
clean lines & natural colors
sunset + warmth
romanticizing the small moments
the candid, in-between moments

is it always me or the kids suggesting disney movies? debatable.

When I think of my favorite anything, my family is the first that comes to mind. I'm very family focused! My husband and I live in the same town as my parents, his parents, and my siblings and their significant others. Our family lake cabin is a beloved place for us all and that's where we spend most of our summer. I have two boys, Elijah and Dreyton, and they are my world.

Travel is incredibly meaning full to me. It's my dream to show my kids the world, different landscapes, adventures, foods, and cultures. We are working on that bucket list.

I also have a passion for learning. I'm always reading personal development books, learning new Bible scriptures, taking a course, listening to a podcast, you name it. 

Those are some of my favorite things that make me who I am. I prioritize my family, faith, and adventures. I can't wait to get to know you and your favorite things!

I want to serve you with so much more than beautiful photos. I want the entire experience in working with me, being in front of the camera, helping with planning, all of it, to be customized to YOU and smooth flowing.  

Whether you want me to be the shadow lurkers at your wedding, snapping candid shots... or be right there up front, rounding everyone up for group photos with my mom voice, I'll be the chameleon you need on the day. 

I'll show up excited (and buzzing with energy from all the coffee on the way over) to shoot your day - without missing a beat. I will be on all day watching out for every special moment so that you can simply enjoy the day!

Rain, hail or shine, i won’t miss a beat.






Kiella was AMAZING to work with. Our photos captured our love so beautifully. Thank you Kiella, for being so personable and down to earth. We appreciate your talent and personality so much!

Ana & adam

Kiella was one of the best choices I made while wedding planning. She is organized and dependable. She captured our wedding day perfectly. I can relive every moment through her photos. I will recommend her to anyone I know!

Josie & ben

She is soooo personable and made us feel so comfortable. We spent the whole time laughing!

kyla & austin

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I fell in love with capturing weddings years ago because I believe in preserving your memories in a beautiful way. Every wedding and couple deserves to be treated with love, care, and importance. That's what drives me to keep pushing forward and creating an amazing experience for you.

In working with me, I want us to be friends, talk like old pals, and have fun together. When you feel comfortable with me, you're more comfortable in front of the camera, which means more FIRE in your photos.


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No story is one and the same. Yours will be finessed to share your unique journey.


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