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Ok .. so picture you walking into my studio with fun outfits to show me. We chat, select the PERFECT ones, then you get naked in front of an almost stranger asking you to do all these poses ...

Sure, that's not your typical Wednesday morning and maybe that's how it plays out in your head, but it's so much more fun and personable than that! We laugh, we joke, we have fun with it! And while I promise you will feel comfortable with me, there is a reason women set aside their fears and book a boudoir session anyway. 


A beautiful, sexy, seductive gallery of breathtaking photos are right on the other side of your fear and reservations. Whether your trying to take your breath away or his, I'm so excited that your taking this step!

Hey beautiful, I'm kiella

Hey beautiful,
I'm kiella

Boudoir sessions are about so much more than the photos! They are a powerful experience and I love to help women see themselves in a new light. Your age, body type, background doesn't matter, all women deserve to feel sexy and confident in their own skin.

I strive to create a comfortable environment and make sure we have fun. Boudoir to me means showing you the beauty you have RIGHT NOW. When you get your finished gallery and say things like " I can't believe that's me" or "How is there not one image I don't like!" - that's what makes my heart happy. Knowing that women walk away with a new confidence.

Let's throw on some fricken mood music, sip some champagne, and get this party started!

this way friend

THE process

wondering what to expect?

BOOKING - To book your experience, review the packages and add ons, then fill out the inquiry form below. After that, we chat about what you want for your session, what to bring, signing a contract, and more! 

BEFORE SESSION - After you book a time, you will get a Boudoir Guide straight to your inbox that's loaded with tips and tricks to help you prepare and make your session amazing! Packed with outfit ideas, skin prep, and more! I'm available to you if you have any questions or concerns.

SESSION DAY - YAY! When the shoot day comes around, you show up to the studio with your hair and makeup done to your liking. Then I play some music and walk you through every pose. I hope you're ready to unleash your inner goddess!

AFTER SESSION - After magazine quality editing is complete, you will be sent your final gallery to see how fricken BOMB you look! From there you select your favorite images in your gallery and I create a Little Black Book for you to approve. Then get your book in the mail!


+ 2 hour session
Professional Hair + Makeup
+ magazine quality retouching
+ Access to all scenes & props
+ Up to 4 outfits
+ hand crafted 12x12 album
+ Crystal USB With All Edited Images
+ Online Gallery With Images & Print Shop
+ 50 plus images


"I can't believe that's me in the photos and I loved every single one. Amazing!" - Tori




+ 45 minute session
+ Magazine Quality Retouching
+ 1 outfit
+ online gallery with edited images
+ 15 images






+ 2 hour session
+ magazine quality retouching
+ Up to 3 outfits
+ hand crafted 10x10 album
+ online gallery with images & print shop
+ 40 plus images

+ 2 hour session
+ magazine quality retouching
+ Up to 3 outfits
+ hand crafted 10x10 album
+ online gallery with images & print shop
+ 40 plus images & GIFs

+ 1.5 hour session
+ magazine quality retouching
+ Up to 2 outfits
+ hand crafted 8x8 album
+ Online gallery with all edited images
+ 30 plus images

• private studio
• wardrobe ideas
• session prepping guide
• champagne to sip on

• Full Guidance Of Sexy Posing
• Hair & Makeup Recommendations
• a fun, comfortable Environment
• Pre Payment Plan Options
• Fun GIFs

Due to the nature of boudoir photography, sessions are limited to women 18+ or older*

$250 Retainer Due Upon Booking for all packages

each and every package includes

+ Modern, boho styling
+ Bed set up with blankets, pillows, decor, etc.
+ Carmel colored leather couch
+ Multiple chairs and stools
+ Full body mirror
+ Claw foot tub surrounded by candles
+ Faux shower scene
+ Bondage props including cuffs, spreader bar, rope, and more
+ Specialty lighting

the scenes we offer


Editing is where majority of the boudoir workload takes place. I can promise you, you will receive your finished boudoir gallery in the amount of time promised to you. That being said, magazine quality retouching takes some time! Delivery on a finished gallery can take 3 weeks or less.

I delicately select all the amazing photos. Only flattering poses allowed! Each selected photo is carefully edited with a style with natural skin tones, smoothed skin, removal of blemishes, and more. Your body is not altered or heavily photoshopped. 

Know that my heart and soul goes into making sure your boudoir gallery is filled with stunning photos of you!

Magazine quality retouching





All the highlights from your Boudoir Session


+ Highlight Video $350
+ slideshow $200
+ spicy calendar $175


+ Champagne bath $125
+ Neon Set $200
+ bondage props $125


one of a kind gallery

Outdoor boudoir sessions can be so unique! 

Whether that's a water session in the lake, some sort of tractor fantasy, or sunbathing in a field of flowers - it will be unique to you. When the sun is setting and the glow lights up your favorite parts of your body, it's FIRE in your photos! We can work together on some fun location ideas.


An Intimate celebration

A couple's boudoir session is a great way to spice things up! 

Having intimate photos of the love and passion you share with you person will be something amazing to look back on! Don't worry so much about being nervous in front of the camera - when your there with your person you focus on them and build confidence off of eachother.



If your nervous...

I would be concerned if you weren't at least a little nervous for your session! It's all part of the experience. It's best to just trust the process and it will make the end result of you seeing your photos that much better! You will see yourself in a whole new light.

You deserve to be celebrated

lets do this!