These are the questions I've received that made me start doing mentor sessions. It makes me so happy to help on your photography journey and it's my goal to help you succeed. When I first started with photography, I remember being so overwhelmed with everything that went into it and all the info out there. Everyones situation and journeys are different so we will work together on what topics best suit you. We will cover things like camera settings, lighting, locations, posing, client management, social media, and

If you are interesting in a mentor session, I start by sending you a form to fill out that helps me get to know you a little better and see what areas you are looking to grow in. Then I review your information, check out your online presence, and we do a zoom call or in person meeting. 


How do I get into weddings?

how do you get your photos to look like that?

How do you pose them like that?

How do you juggle all the things a business requires?



1.5 hours in length and we will jump on zoom and talk about whatever topics you want! This is perfect for those that don't live in my area. If you do live in the area we can go grab coffee for this too. We will have an open conversation about the things you are struggling with or want to learn. Things like getting leads, managing clients, editing, delivering galleries, and more!


4 hours in length and we will go over my entire process from start to finish. We will start with a chat about your business, preferably over coffee, then we will do a live shoot with a real couple or family. You are totally encouraged to ask me any questions along the way! You will see how I work with my couples and get them comfortable. Plus, you will get amazing photos for your portfolio!